It has been observed that advertisement has become a lucrative business in recent years. Builders and developers, Telecom Companies, Manufacturers of Electronic goods, Automobile Dealers etc. are eager to find good location in the city to display and sell their products.

Municipal Corporation Bathinda has allotted various sites for advertisement in way of kiosks, unipoles, backlit unipoles, bus queue shelters, hoardings etc. to avoid defacement of city and to enhance revenue of Municipal Corporation Bathinda. Advertisement branch deals with advertisement tax. It is necessary that one should have to get permission from this section before putting up advertisement hoardings in the city.

Whom to Contact: Advertisement Superintendent can be contacted for new advertisement sites and tenders/auctions for older sites etc             

Name of Officer (Sh.) Designation Area Phone No.
Davinder Singh Jaura Asstt. Corporation Engineer Overall Incharge 9780042166
Kulwinder Singh Superintendent --- 9417079844
Gurdeep Singh Inspector --- 94172-09188
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